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A Ticket of a Lifetime! Travel to Space in a Balloon

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One of the benefits of living in the modern age of travel is more accessibility to destinations that were once seemingly impossible to reach. As 2021 approaches us, it seems we can now even add "space" to that list!

Space Perspective, a startup based in Florida, has announced that they will be sending passengers (eight in total) on an adventure of a lifetime — traveling to the edges of space in a pressurized balloon. During the 6-hour journey, the balloon, Neptune, will reach an altitude of 100,000 feet.

The trip will begin with a two-hour ascent up above 99% of the Earth's atmosphere, followed by another two-hour "cruise" time, where passengers are invited to take in the views and marvel at the sights around them. After a final two-hour decent, the balloon will land in the Atlantic Ocean, and a ship will then come to collect the voyagers.

Designed specifically to allow journey-goers rare, 360º unobstructed views, the capsule is built in the shape of a top, with windows placed entirely around the circumference. The interior of the craft has also been designed to allow flexible passenger movement during the journey.

For the small price of $125,000, you can reserve a seat for this expedition into space!

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6. Jul. 2020 7:39 pm

I got my group ready!