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Sleep in the Dolomites in One of the Most Famous Panoramic Rooms in the World!

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Our love for sky-high Italian accommodations is certainly no secret. Today we're excited to present you another bucket-list sleep, at the Starlight Room 360 ° in the Dolomites Mountains. In this spectacular room, you can admire an unforgettable starry sky all around you at night, thanks to the rotation and glass glass ceiling above.

The Starlight Room 360 ° is one of the most famous panoramic rooms in the world , and it's not hard to see why!

The room itself is located near Cortina D'Ampezzo, at 6742 feet above sea level. To get to the accommodation, you must first stop by the Rifugio Col Gallina hotel, which manages the room, and from there, depending on the season, choose if you can reach the Starlight Room via foot, snowmobile, snowshoe or fat bike. A breakfast the next morning is served back at the Rifugio Col Gallina hotel.

Ideally, upon arrival, you can catch an incredible sunset in total silence with a unique view of the Pale Mountains. After the sun has set, you can then take in the stars. The structure accommodates a maximum of two people, who can occupy and enjoy the space while it rotates on itself 360°, allowing you to follow the movement of the stars.

You can spend the night here starting at roughly $750, however, it includes transport, a dinner on arrival and breakfast at the Col Gallina Refuge. A cheaper accommodation is also available ($500 per night) with a few less pluses but an equally beautiful view: it's called Starlight Room Gourmet.

Sound like something you'd like to eventually splurge on? You can find more information or book a night HERE.

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