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Check Out This Italian Hotel With a Sky Pool and Incredible Views!

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The 4-star Alpin Panorama Hotel Hubertus casts a pretty spectacular silhouette, matched only by the surrounding landscape.

The most noticeable feature of this luxurious accommodation is its 82-foot long "sky pool". Perched 65 feet in the air, this infinity pool almost allows you to feel like you're flying in the mountains. There is even a glass-bottom section where you can see straight through to the floor!

The hotel is located in the Italian Alps, close to the Austrian border, making it an ideal vacation location throughout the year. In winter the hills are transformed with a blanket of snow, making it a great location for skiers. Eventually when the weather turns warmer and the snow melts, one can venture out on nature hike and mountain biking trails

Back at the hotel, the views from both the pool and the hotel itself are jaw-dropping, making the most of the crisp and dramatic landscape of north Italy.

Not too fond of heights? There are other ways to chill out and keep yourself occupied such as hot tubs and pools firmly on the ground.

Rooms are spacious and also have great views, a fantastic breakfast is served each morning of your stay or you can upgrade to enjoy evening meals as well.

Not surprisingly, views like this do have a price tag. A 5-night stay next winter, with breakfast included, can be booked from $950.

Still interested in treating yourself? Click HERE to book.

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