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The World's First Space Hotel Could Be Open by 2027! Would You Go?

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We are sure that many of you, like us, have dreamed at some point of going into space. Sadly, for most of us, that will never be a reality without becoming an astronaut or signing up for a program to go to Mars. But now there is a glimmer of hope that we can actually go into space just for a vacation, with the news that construction of the world's first low Earth orbit spaceport HOTEL is due to begin in 2025.

The hotel will be a spinning wheel with individual pods attached to it and will accommodate up to 400 guests. In addition to the pod-style hotel rooms, there will also be cinemas, bars, a spa, and restaurants.

The hotel is being developed by Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC) and the Voyager Station could open as early as 2027. We don't know how much the hotel will cost, but we'd start saving now, friends.

The space station will spin to create an artificial gravity similar to the gravity on the moon. Since there will be about 24 pods available, some could be sold to companies like NASA to use for research.

They may also use some for more facilities such as a gym, a kitchen, a restaurant, a bar and other facilities for people due to be on board for a longer duration.

Pods will be leased or sold to private companies who may want to buy a few to create a hotel or single pods for other use as well and governments who may want to use them for their own space research and training.

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